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About Me

Kate Batchelor - Owner/Baker


If you've just stumbled upon this site please allow me to introduce myself;

my name is Kate and I am a baker.


I'm a proud George Brown grad (baking and pastry arts), full time worker, and always game for sweets. Batches started as my brain child - let's say my pipe dream a few years back when I was halfway done my undergrad in Psychology at Carleton. Baking has always been something of a hobby. My stress reliever all through school and the way I've shown people that I care.


My grandpa was a baker back before I was even thought of. He made my birthday cakes when I was little and gingerbread houses for my sister and I every Christmas. After I finished my BA I decided that life was just too darn short to do something that I didn't love - so I went back to school to learn how to run a business (scary I know) so that someday I can open up a brick and mortar bakery, just like my grandpa. For now though, Batches is an online bakery, while I learn a little more and save a LOT more money.

*EDIT* - Wow, a lot can happen in a few years! If you're confused, it's likely because you've been into our teeny tiny bake shop. Yes, we have taken over the space that was formerly Cake + Loaf Bakery on Dundurn St in Hamilton. It really has been a dream come true to move into a retail space to bring deliciousness to everyone every day! 

While the property is still for sale, we will stay as long as we can. We truly hope that whoever purchases the building wants to keep us on as a tenant so that we can continue baking in that space. We will be sure to update everyone when we know more!

xoxo Kate

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