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About Me

Kate Batchelor - Owner/Baker


If you've just stumbled upon this site please allow me to introduce myself;

my name is Kate and I am a baker.


I'm a proud George Brown grad (baking and pastry arts), full time worker, and always game for sweets. Batches started as my brain child - let's say my pipe dream a few years back when I was halfway done my undergrad in Psychology at Carleton. Baking has always been something of a hobby. My stress reliever all through school and the way I've shown people that I care.


My grandpa was a baker back before I was even thought of. He made my birthday cakes when I was little and gingerbread houses for my sister and I every Christmas. After I finished my BA I decided that life was just too darn short to do something that I didn't love - so I went back to school to learn how to run a business (scary I know) so that someday I can open up a brick and mortar bakery, just like my grandpa. For now though, Batches is an online bakery, while I learn a little more and save a LOT more money.

xoxo Kate

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